Hoang is a
pencil pusher. pixel smusher. pedal masher. pebble wrassler.

Hoang is a pencil pusher, pixel smusher, pedal masher, pebble wrassler.

Born in Saigon and became a refugee at the tender age of 3. Wasted my adolescence in diverse Oklahoma with a brief stint in mountainous Kansas. Spent my formative years in small, yet humble Texas and currently residing in little village called Brooklyn. Named after the Thong Song and suffering from a severe lack of humor and ability to sense sarcasm.

I love all things print, am passionate about illustration, dabble in art direction, play around with motion graphics and know enough front-end development to play nice with the developer. I’m also a wanna-be chef, an avid cyclist, and an injury-ridden rock climber with multiple doctorates in eating delicious food.


I’m striving to learn more about things in the world and how people interact with design. It is a constant learning process for me. So many factors that goes into designing, from researched-back decisions to “cause it looks cool,” I’m learning to filter the right information to arrange those lines, shapes and color so that it communicates exactly what it needs to.